Community Projects

New Castle

New Castle intends to create an EMS training site at the old REMC building. There is also interest in extending the skate park and building a new Senior Center that includes a day care center. The city is also looking at ways to impact housing stock, creating safer and more welcoming places to live.


Knightstown officials are considering a “startup” area for businesses in their newly renovated town hall space. This will provide a “hand up” to those wanting to do business in the town and surrounding area. Knightstown also intends to enhance the Public Square with new sidewalks and facades to accommodate the growing tourist traffic. Knightstown plans to grow Sunset Park with a “walking” bridge and make the town library larger and ADA-compliant.

Henry County

Henry County is focused on several projects, including improving infrastructure at 109/I 70 to promote development in the area. Memorial Park is at the center of many county project options: a completed EXPO Center, an enhanced Saddle Club, a Veterans’ Museum, and a remodeled Smith Building. The county will also continue to work on county roads.